Will Outlander Season 8 include THAT traumatic death?

With the news of two fan-favorite characters returning in Outlander Season 8, there are questions about a particular death. Will it be included in the final season?
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In some good news, we learned there would be a couple of familiar faces in Outlander Season 8. This does suggest that a traumatic and tragic moment is going to happen.

Caution: We are delving into spoilers from Written in My Own Heart’s Blood in this post.

We certainly missed Fergus and Marsali in Outlander Season 7A. Maril Davis shared that there wasn’t the time for everyone’s story, and that meant the two wouldn’t show up in Season 7B either.

What about the final season? Well, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan shared some great news. We got a clip of Lauren Lyle and Cesar Domboy on set of Outlander Season 8. So yes, Marsali and Fergus will be back.

What happens to Fergus and Marsali in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood?

There is a tragic story to come for the two characters in the eighth book in the series. There’s a fire at the Philadelphia print shop. Germain and Henri-Christian get to the roof, where they have to jump to people waiting for them on the ground. Germain is caught by Fergus, but the men waiting for Henri-Christian don’t manage to grab him.

This leads to Germain blaming himself for his brother’s death. There is heartbreak for the family, and Germain ends up going to the Ridge while his sisters remain with his parents for some time. Eventually, though, the family is reunited. Marsali and Fergus never blamed one son for the other son’s death.

Will Henri-Christian die in Outlander Season 8?

It does look like this storyline could come up in the series. We know that Outlander was looking for a child actor to play Henri-Christian. At least, a casting call fit the need for this particular character in the series.

This suggests that the show is going to bring this heartbreaking storyline. It makes sense considering so many other heartbreaking moments have come. There’s just something about the death of a small child that hits harder. After all, Malva was technically a child considering she was just a teenager, but she looked older and mature. People of the time grew up a lot faster, so she would have been considered an adult for the time.

The death of Henri-Christian needs to be handled well and not just for dramatic effect. I always say deaths in fiction need to lead to something and not just be for shock factor. The books do lead to a little of that with how Germain believes everyone blames him and that reminder that he is just a child himself. The show is going to need to capture that.

Of course, the alternative is that the storyline is changed a little. We could see that the death of Henri-Christian brings everyone back to the Ridge in time for the series finale. We need the family back together when the show comes to an end, right?

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