Outlander Season 7A looks set to arrive on Netflix Canada in May 2024

We weren't sure if Outlander Season 7 would arrive in two parts on Netflix around the world. Well, it looks like Netflix Canada is getting Outlander Season 7A very soon.
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Outlander Season 7 Marketing Photography 10/21/22-10/22/22 /

There is some exciting news for Netflix Canada fans who want to watch Outlander Season 7A. The episodes will arrive this month!

If you were on Netflix this weekend and looked at the Outlander listing, you will have seen a note that said new episodes are coming soon. Of course, Netflix Canada has had Outlander Season 6 for some time, so it meant that Outlander Season 7 would arrive.

There are only eight episodes of the season so far. We weren’t sure if Netflix would get the episodes now or if we would have to wait for the second half of the season to air. Well, Netflix Canada has answered our question.

When will Outlander Season 7A come to Netflix Canada?

Fans will get to watch Outlander Season 7A on Netflix Canada on Saturday, May 18. Not only was this made clear on the Netflix site, but the show was included on the list of releases for the month of May.

The release is around the time that we would usually expect a season to arrive. Netflix Canada tends to get episodes around 11 months from the premiere of the season. That’s based on the premiere in Canada on W Network. While Starz release the show on June 16 in the U.S., it didn’t arrive on W Network until June 18.

 This is only for Canadian viewers. Netflix has clamped down on being able to watch in international locations using a VPN.

Does this mean Netflix U.S. will get Outlander Season 7A?

This does offer some hope for U.S. viewers, though. It suggests that Netflix will be able to get half the season, and that could mean that U.S. fans will get to see the eight episodes drop on Aug. 1, 2025 instead of having to wait until 2027 for all 16 episodes of the season.

Of course, the different locations of Netflix will have different deals. After all, Outlander doesn’t go to Starz in Canada, despite the Canadians having the channel. It still goes to W Network in Canada, and then it streams on the Global TV app and Stack TV. This will mean a different deal for the Netflix release.

We’ll certainly keep an eye on things, though!

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Outlander Season 7A is coming to Netflix Canada on Saturday, May 18.