Could Outlander Season 7A arrive on Netflix in 2025?

Many Outlander fans want to be able to watch episodes on Netflix. Could we see Outlander Season 7A arrive on Netflix in 2025? We take a look at the potential options.
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Outlander Season 7 Marketing Photography 10/21/22-10/22/22 /

With news that Outlander Season 6 is coming to Netflix next month, eyes are on Outlander Season 7A. Is there a chance that we could get it on Netflix next year, or will we need to wait longer?

Netflix gets the full seasons of Outlander two years after the finales air on Starz. That made it easy to track the dates for the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons of the series.

Outlander Season 7 is a tricky one as the full season has been split in two. It brings up the question of whether Starz has approved half a season to drop on Netflix, or if the full season needs to air first.

Outlander Season 7A could arrive in August 2025

If Starz allows half a season to go to Netflix, especially due to the long wait for Season 7B, then we could see Outlander Season 7A arrive on Netflix on Aug. 11, 2025. This marks two years from the Season 7A finale airing on the streamer.

With the long break between the season, it could make sense for Starz to allow half of the season head to Netflix. With a 2025 release date, it would still mean that the second half of Outlander Season 7 is exclusive to Starz. Then the second half of the season wouldn’t arrive on Netflix until 2027, and by then, Season 8 should have aired and that would be exclusive to Starz for a while.

Starz could hold the season until it fully airs

However, when the Starz and Netflix contract was created, there probably wasn’t the idea of splitting the season in two. This contract was created shortly before Season 5 arrived, which was before the pandemic, Caitriona Balfe’s pregnancy, and the decision to make Season 8 the last. The contract likely states the season finale, and a midseason finale wouldn’t count.

With the second half premiering in November 2024, we’re looking at a January 2025 finale date. That would mean two years from then. With that in mind, we’re looking at January 2027 as a release date for Netflix.

This would mean that all of Season 7 remains exclusive to the streamer, even when Season 8 is likely to air on Starz. It keeps more people on the Starz platform, which means more money for the premium cable network. This made business sense at first, and it would continue to make business sense now.

Starz isn’t open with the decision, which makes it very hard to tell when any episodes of Season 7 will arrive on Netflix. All we know is that the earliest potential date is Aug. 11, 2025.

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