The Outlander Season 7 finale will air in 2025, but when?

With the Outlander Season 7B premiere date set, we now know when the Outlander Season 7 finale will air. At least, we can roughly work it out.
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We know when Outlander Season 7B will premiere on Starz. This allows us to work out a rough date for the Outlander Season 7 finale. One thing is clear; we’re waiting until 2025 for the episode.

In a way, the wait will be a good thing. As annoying as this Droughtlander is by being extended, it means that the final Droughtlander is shorter. After all, production work is under way for the final season and then it will need to go through an extensive post-production process. We could just about end up with the season at the end of 2025, but we’re more than likely waiting until 2026.

So, this longer Droughtlander now keeps the next one short. There’s also a lot to look forward to based on the teaser trailer for the episode. The question for most people, though, is when the finale will air. After all, that dictates when the season will definitely arrive on Netflix.

Outlander Season 7 finale will air in January 2025

With a Friday, Nov. 22 premiere date, it means that we will definitely need to wait until 2025 for the Outlander Season 7 finale. It will air in January 2025.

There are eight episodes, which means the earliest that we’ll see a premiere date is on Friday, Jan. 10. Of course, there’s usually a week off during the season, and we’re certainly expecting that to happen this time. We’re not sure when it will happen, but Friday, Dec. 27 would be a good date for a week off considering it’s during that week between Christmas and New Year.

With the probability of a week off, it takes us to Friday, Jan. 17 as the Outlander Season 7 finale date. This is what we’re going to have in mind for now.

When will Outlander Season 7 come to Netflix?

We’re still not sure if the season will be split in two for the Netflix release. It could considering how Netflix Canada has the half-season. However, we could end up seeing Starz force Netflix to wait until the end of all 16 episodes of the season.

We’re guaranteed Netflix to get the season by January 2027. This could be on either Jan. 10, 2027 or Jan. 17, 2027. It’s going to depend on that week off. Netflix gets the episodes two years after the finale date on Starz.

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