8 Outlander episodes for goodbyes on Good Friday 2024

Good Friday is here, and for some it's a day off to relax. Here are eight Outlander episodes worth watching on this day for a day about death and goodbye.

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Outlander Season 1, Episode 11

While “Lallybroch” is a great episode and it’s the one that comes after this, “The Witch’s Mark” is the one to watch on Good Friday 2024. This marks the end of Claire’s attempts to get back to her own time period. She says goodbye to that life.

It starts with the risk of her own life. She’s on trial for being a witch, and it’s where she learns that Geillis is a fellow time traveler and also said goodbye to the life she knew before. After Jamie saves Claire, he takes her to Craigh na Dun to go back to her own time period. She can’t do it, though. She makes a choice to say goodbye to her old life and to Frank.

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Outlander Season 2, Episode 10

We head to the middle of the Jacobite rebellion with the next episode. Outlander Season 2, Episode 10 is all about the Battle of Prestonpans. It brings a lot of death, including that of a certain English officer who was actually one of the good ones.

However, it’s the death of a great Scottish character that has our hearts. There is so much concern for Rupert after he’s hurt during the battle, and nobody really looks at Angus. In fact, he doesn’t even realize that he is injured until it’s too late. He collapses and dies in Claire’s arms, and it’s heartbreaking.

Outlander Season 2, Episode 11

The Duke of Sandringham had been a major player in the Jacobite rebellion, although we didn’t realize it. We knew from the start not to trust him, and everything came to a head at the end of Outlander Season 2. Events that happened in Paris finally made sense.

“Vengeance Is Mine” is an important episode for Murtagh. After the attack in Paris, he felt like he had failed Claire and Mary. He was able to gain his vengeance and reclaim his honor by killing the Duke of Sandringham and literally offering up the man’s head.