Outlander: Blood of My Blood casting: Who is Jhon Lumsden?

Jhon Lumsden is joining Outlander: Blood of My Blood as Malcolm Grant. Where can you see the actor before the series?
Jhon Lumsden -- Photo credit Harry Livingstone -- Outlander: Blood of My Blood
Jhon Lumsden -- Photo credit Harry Livingstone -- Outlander: Blood of My Blood /

We knew Malcolm Grant would need to be part of Outlander: Blood of My Blood. The show has found the actor to play the role. Jhon Lumsden is joining the series.

No, that is not a typo before anyone asks. Jhon is how his name is spelled.

Lumsden will play Malcolm Grant, who is a suitor for Ellen MacKenzie. In fact, we learn in the Outlander books that Colum and Dougal set it up that Malcolm and Ellen would marry, and she left the 1716 Gathering because of it. She wanted Brian. It looks like we’ll get to see the start of this match that could have been.

Where you’ve seen Jhon Lumsden before Outlander: Blood of My Blood

Out of the four actors most recently announced, Lumsden is the one with the least credits to his name. His IMDb puts his first on-screen role as an episode of Doctors in 2019. He was in the TV short Geoffrey that same year, and then his next credit is as a mustard gas soldier in The King’s Man in 2021.

There is an Outlander connection, though. Lumdsen took on the role of Ziggy Malkiewicz Jr in Karen Pirie Season 1. This is the Scottish police drama that Lauren Lyle leads, and Jhon was in all three episodes of the first season.

That same year he was in a drama of sorts. It was a reenactment of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn's story with historians filling in the gaps and explaining Anne's downfall. He played George Boleyn in Blood, Sex & Royalty. Yes, he played Anne Boleyn’s brother, who in real history eventually ends up being accused of incest with Anne and executed just days before Anne.

His most recent role is as Private Craig in an episode of The Famous Five. There is another Outlander connection with this movie. Ed Speleers played Mr. Roland in an episode.

We’re certainly excited to see what Lumsden brings to the series, and we’re sure to see his name rise up thanks to the Outlander franchise.

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