Netflix confirms Outlander Season 6 release date

We suspected Outlander Season 6 would arrive on Netflix in May 2024, and now we have a confirmed release date. Here's what you need to know.
Outlander Season 6 Marketing Shoot - May 12-15 2021
Outlander Season 6 Marketing Shoot - May 12-15 2021 /

While Starz has all episodes of Outlander available, many people still wait for episodes to head to Netflix. It’s been a long wait for Outlander Season 6 to arrive. In fact, it’s been so long that we’ve had half of Season 7 air on Starz already.

The good news is we knew that Season 6 would arrive on Netflix eventually. We’d predicted May 1, 2024 due to the season arriving two years after the finale aired on Starz.

Netflix has now confirmed the release date.

Outlander Season 6 arrives on Netflix in May

The good news is Netflix has set the date of the release. Fans who check out the Outlander screen on the site will have noticed the news of the release.

Yes, Outlander Season 6 is coming to Netflix on Wednesday, May 1. This is exactly the date of our prediction, which helps to set up ideas for when we could see the seventh season arrive.

Season 6 picks up off the back of the traumatic events in the Season 5 finale. Claire needs to deal with the trauma that she faced, and she decides not to do it in the healthiest of ways. Meanwhile, the Christies come to the Ridge, and naturally, new people cause problems for the Frasers. Jamie and Tom have history, but it turns out that Tom isn’t the one that the Frasers need to watch out for.

When will Outlander Season 7 come to Netflix?

Now eyes are on the next season. This one is harder to predict, as it’s not clear if Netflix will get to bring half of the season or if it will need to wait for the entire seventh season to premiere.

If it gets to bring half the season, then we’re looking at Aug. 11, 2025 as the release date. Then the other half of the season will arrive sometime in 2027. If Netflix has to wait until the entire season has aired on Starz, then we’re looking at January 2027 at the earliest.

It makes sense for Starz to hold back on allowing the episodes to drop on Netflix. This keeps content exclusive to Starz for as long as possible, boosting the subscription purchases of those who want to keep watching their favorite show. However, getting episodes on Netflix has helped boost the viewing numbers for Starz, so getting some episodes on and keeping just half a season exclusive to the streamer could work in its favor.

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Outlander Season 6 comes to Netflix on Wednesday, May 1.