7 most toxic men in Outlander to avoid this Valentine's Day

The last thing you need is a toxic man for Valentine's Day. Here are seven from Outlander to avoid.
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Tom Christie

As much as Tom tried to do right in the end, he was still toxic. Tom Christie was one of those who was so focused on doing right for his soul that he destroyed everyone around him. He didn’t see what was happening to Malva before it was too late, and his treatment of Claire was awful, especially considering he claimed to love her.

This is someone who had his moments. There were times that you could see him have the hope of being a good man, but he would throw it all away in a second. Look at his comments to Claire after realizing the type of books she would read and his insistence that she should wear a hat. This was more than him being a man of his time.

Then we have that moment Tom and Claire see each other in Outlander Season 7. That kiss! We learn everything that happened after Claire left him on the ship and hear just how much he knew.

Allan Christie

There are sure to be many more to come, but Allan is our last toxic man on our list. He didn’t seem to bad at first. Sure, he was a thief and a bit of a weaker man who pretended to be better than he was, but his father had clear expectations for him. It couldn’t have been easy growing up with Tom as his father considering Culloden and Ardsmuir.

However, Allan didn’t try to handle the life dealt to him. Instead, he raped his sister and encouraged her to lie about it. When Malva wanted to come clean, he killed her and then had the audacity to be tearful over the loss of his child.

Maybe he should have been allowed to take the “easy way out” of all of it, considering his beliefs. He would have believed his soul was going to hell, and it seems a fitting end for him.

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