Is Master Raymond a time traveler in the Outlander series?

Master Raymond is a confirmed time traveler in the Outlander books. What about the series, though? Is he actually a time traveler?
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

In the Outlander books, we learn that Master Raymond is a time traveler. This isn’t specifically in the main books, but when you start reading additional content from Diana Gabaldon.

What about in the series, though? Has the show hinted at all that they’re following the storyline from the books when it comes to this character? There are certainly signs that Master Raymond isn’t from the 18th century.

We definitely don’t hear him comment about time travel. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some subtle moments that make it clear he is from another time period.

Master Raymond as the blue healing glow in Outlander

The biggest sign that he is a time traveler is that blue glow when he heals Claire when she’s suffering from childbed fever. He is able to take the infection away from her, literally pulling it out. It’s all done in the dark without anyone else around, and Master Raymond makes it clear that he needs Claire to be as quiet as possible during it.

He can’t be seen here. Not only is he not all that welcome at the hospital, but he is using some sort of magic. He can’t get caught, especially when we later find out that King Louis is on the warpath looking for witches. It would be a surefire way for Master Raymond to end up imprisoned—which does end up happening.

We also see that he sees auras around people. He sees the blue light around Claire, connecting back to this blue healing light. He is able to see what her skill is as a time traveler. He also has an amulet that literally shows if there is a poison around her—and it works! He’s not a charlatan looking for money, except for those who don’t really know any better or he has no respect for.

This man is a worldly one, and yet you wouldn’t think he has lived anywhere other that Paris at first glance. It’s clear that he knows more. He certainly has a connection to Claire.

I think the show has done a great job at hinting to things that the books do and then later show. He is a time traveler in the show as well as in the books.

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