Which Love Is Blind Season 4 couples are still together?

Love Is Blind Season 4 brought us a couple that ended up together outside of the pods. Here's a look at who is still together from the series.
Love is Blind. (L to R) Bliss, Micah in episode 410 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Love is Blind. (L to R) Bliss, Micah in episode 410 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Love Is Blind Season 4 did not disappoint when it came to drama. In fact, it was the first season to really bring the drama and the mean girls. Who is still together from the season, though?

This was the first season that saw a couple get together after the pods. One man realized he made the wrong choice, but rather than finish his journey, he went after the woman of his actual dreams. This season also saw the Mean Girls, while we saw a mess for a couple of relationships. It wasn’t surprising some of them didn’t make it to the altar.

In the end, three couples said “I do” at the altar. How many of them are still together?

Zach and Bliss are still together and expecting Baby No. 1

Zach initially proposed to Irina. However, when they ended up outside the pods, Irina couldn’t get past the lack of physical connection. She was recoiling from Zach’s touch, and it was uncomfortable to watch. As Zach realized that something was wrong, he also realized he made a huge mistake.

As his and Irina’s relationship crumbled, he asked the producers if they would find Bliss so he could set a wrong right. He didn’t push for the relationship in any way. He took Bliss on a date to see if she would be interested in going on with the experiment.

Fortunately for Zach, she was interested. The two got married, and they are still together now. In fact, they’re expecting Baby No. 1.

Brett and Tiffany are still married

Another Love Is Blind Season 4 couple still together is Brett and Tiffany. These two didn’t have a lot of screentime. It was clear that they were just right for each other, and we’re happy to see them still together now.

The two were some of the before-season guests. There was a moment where Clay spoke about how much he looked up to Brett. Brett isn’t perfect, but he tries to be a good husband. Tiffany thinks that he does a good job of that. She was proud to see her man idolized for being a good husband.

Kwame and Chelsea are together and traveling

Out of the three couples to say “I do” at the altar, Kwame and Chelsea was the one to worry a little about. It wasn’t easy to see if they were going to say yes considering some of the harder conversations they had in the season. However, they married and they are still together.

One of the big issues for them was Kwame’s wish to travel. Chelsea’s job wouldn’t allow for that. Well, during the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion, Chelsea shared that she is now one of the casting directors for the series. That allows the two of them to travel.

Where are others from Love Is Blind Season 4

We got to see Micah on the reunion for Season 6 of the Netflix series. She and Paul are no longer together. They seemed to try dating after the show, but it didn’t work out for them. Micah is going on Perfect Match Season 2, along with Izzy from Love Is Blind Season 5.

The series brought us a major love triangle between Jackie, Josh, and Marshall. Jackie said yes to Marshall in the pods, but it was clear she wanted Josh for his looks. She didn’t even turn up for her wedding dress fitting, which made it clear to Marshall that everything was off.

Marshall is always on TikTok sharing his thoughts about news from the show. He also shared his thoughts about things that happened in the sixth season.

Jackie and Josh did attempt to make their relationship a thing after the series. They lasted for about a year before breaking up.

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