Which Love Is Blind Season 2 couples are still together?

Love Is Blind Season 2 continued the experiment of whether love really is blind. Two couples said "I do," but how many are still together?
Love is Blind. Season 6 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Love is Blind. Season 6 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Love Is Blind is a look at whether the emotional connection happening first can lead to a strong relationship. During Season 2, more couples walked down to the altar, but only two eventually married.

Reality TV is a fun and dramatic look at romance. Love Is Blind gives us a chance to see what it’s like for people to connect on an emotional level first. It’s the complete opposite of online or offline dating in the real world.

Two couples married, but there are others who walked down the aisle and eventually decided not to marry. Where are the couples who married, and what’s going on with some of the others?

Nick and Danielle are not still together

During the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion on Netflix, Nick Lachey commented that two marriages hadn’t worked out. One of those was Nick and Danielle’s marriage. The two seemed perfect for each other in the pods and in the lead up to the altar. It wasn’t surprising to see them both say “I do” at the end.

At the reunion for Season 2, the two were still together. It looked like things were still good for a while. However, shortly after that, Danielle filed for divorce. The two are no longer on speaking terms. While there wasn’t anything big that happened, lots of little things led to the breakdown of their relationship.

Iyanna and Jarrett are also no longer together

Jarrett and Iyanna were questionable outside of the pods. They had a lot of issues to work through, but it looked like they were willing to work through them. Both said “I do” in the end, but their marriage only lasted a year. Iyanna put out a statement on Instagram to share that they had decided to separate.

While Danielle and Nick have both commented on the experiment being the worst thing they ever did, Iyanna and Jarrett have different views. It sounds like the two are still cordial at the very least.

What about some of the other couples from Love Is Blind Season 2?

Shiana and Kyle ended up not getting married on the series. Shiana admitted to and apologized for leading Kyle on throughout the experiment. She couldn’t get past his religious views—he’s atheist while she is a devout Christian.

Shiana has since moved on. She got married to Christos Larsakis and the two are expecting a baby. Kyle has admitted that he made a mistake in the pods by not proposing to Deepti. The two tried dating, but it didn’t work out.

Deepti now has a podcast with fellow Love Is Blind star Natalie. Meanwhile, Deepti ended up walking down the altar to Shake, but they decided not to say “I do.” Shake is now living with his girlfriend Emily Wilson in Miami.

As for Mallory and Sal, the two decided not to get married, but they did try dating after the series. That didn’t work out. Sal has been rumored to be with Natalie, but she shut those rumors down. Instead, he is with Jessi Palkovic, who he introduced to the cast members during the After the Altar special for the season.

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Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix.