What do we know about Jamie's parents in Outlander?

Outlander: Blood of My Blood will give us the love story of Jamie's parents. What do we know about them so far?
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Outlander -- Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television /

Production on Outlander: Blood of My Blood has started. The series has announced the casting for Jamie’s parents, and now we’re excited to see the story play out.

This prequel is based on a novel that Diana Gabaldon is working on. However, the novel hasn’t has much work done on it, and it won’t be out before the series arrives. That means the series can work with notes Gabaldon has offered but has a little more leeway with the story.

There is some canon that the series will need to stick to, though. What do we already know about Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie?

Jamie has shared a little about his parents in Outlander

We have met Brian Fraser through flashbacks—and he will be in Outlander Season 7B. In the books, we have seen him briefly in 1739.

We haven’t ever met Ellen on screen or in the books, but we do know a little about her. She is the daughter of Jacob MacKenzie and sister to Colum, Dougal, and Jocasta.

Brian is the illegitimate son of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat and one of his mistresses. Brian wasn’t someone the MacKenzies would usually consider for a daughter. However, Jacob made it clear that he wouldn’t force Ellen into an arranged marriage. It was after his death that Colum and Dougal tried.

Ellen ran away and stayed with Brian in secret, only coming out of hiding when Ellen was visibly pregnant. Colum and Dougal couldn’t do anything about it without Ellen being shamed by the clan. The two married weeks before Ellen gave birth to their son, William, in the doorway of Lallybroch. That place was built by Brian as a gift to Ellen.

Despite being close to her brother Colum growing up and the two discussing clan matters, Ellen and Colum never spoke to each other again after all this.

How many children did Brian and Ellen have?

The couple had four children in the end, but only two survived childhood. William died of smallpox at the age of 11. He is regularly remembered by Jamie and Jenny.

Jenny was the next child born, and then Jamie. Ellen then had a baby boy, who Brian named and baptized Robert. He was stillborn and Ellen died giving birth.

Brian would live for another 13 years after that. He died of a stroke shortly after seeing Jamie flogged at Fort William by Black Jack Randall.

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