Outlander: Blood of My Blood casts Jamie's and Claire's (!) parents

Outlander: Blood of My Blood is all about Jamie's parents' love story. Well, it's also about Claire's parents!
Outlander season 1
Outlander season 1 /

We knew Outlander: Blood of My Blood would tell the story of Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie. So, it wasn’t that surprising when the recent casting news gave us a look at the two actors playing the roles.

The casting news did bring us a major surprise, though. Claire’s parents have also been cast. Yes, Outlander fans will get to see the story of Henry Beauchamp and Julia Moriston.

Who will play the parents in Outlander: Blood of My Blood?

Jamie Roy will take on the role of a younger Brian Fraser, a role that Andrew Whipp has portrayed in the flagship series. Harriet Slater will play Ellen, who we’ve heard a lot about but never met. Fans will remember that Ellen died when Jamie was a young boy.

Jeremy Irvine and Hermione Corfield will play Henry and Julia, according to TVLine. This is the first that we’ve heard Claire’s parents will get a part in the story. How is this possible, though? After all, Claire’s parents weren’t alive in the 18th century.

The Outlander prequel is a show in two time periods

Well, we’re used to seeing storylines in multiple time periods in Outlander. It shouldn’t be that surprising to hear that Outlander: Blood of My Blood is going to give us a show in two time periods as well. We’ll get the 18th century storyline of Ellen and Brian while we get the love story of Henry and Julia set in World War I.

Yes, World War I England. Claire was born in October 1918, as World War I came to an end and England was able to get back to some normalcy. Henry and Julia must have met during World War I, and we get to find out how and what their initial love story was like. A lot of Outlander fans will be excited, as Diana Gabaldon has always made it clear that she doesn’t find Claire’s parents interesting so won’t write about them (until something is interesting). We feared we’d never get to meet them, but the series is giving us that chance.

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Outlander: Blood of My Blood is currently in production and will air on STARZ.