Claire Fraser and 6 other inspirational women in Outlander

It's International Women's Day, and what better way to celebrate that than looking back at the most inspirational women in Outlander so far. Here are 7 to look up to.
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Brianna Randall Fraser MacKenzie

Another woman from the 20th century to look up to is Brianna. We met her in Outlander Season 2, and she has grown considerably since then. She has had to deal with learning that her father isn’t her biological father, figuring out more about her biological father, deal with the loss of her mother (it is a loss, even though Bree was able to follow through the stones), and then figure out life in the 18th century.

Like her mother, Bree has been to hell and back while in the past. She has been raped, had to deal with not really knowing the paternity of her son, handle almost being trafficked by her rapist, and simply figure out life in the 18th century. Then she had to deal with knowing her daughter would die if they remained in the past, so had to deal with leaving everyone behind to travel back through the stones.

Brianna is resilient. She doesn’t always think things through and there are selfish moments, but that makes her human. Her resilience and her focus on making the past a better place through her own skills are what make her someone to look up to on International Women’s Day.

Jenny Fraser Murray

Where would Jamie be without his big sister? While he thought he was doing everything he could to protect her, she’s done far more to protect him.

We met Jenny in Outlander Season 1, when Jamie took Claire to Lallybroch. Things didn’t start off that great, but we saw Jenny eventually welcome Claire into the family. We saw what she had done with her life, stepping up in a way that nobody around her could. She married, had children, and kept Lallybroch running.

When Jamie almost died at Culloden, Jenny took him in and healed him. Then she made sure he was hidden to avoid a death sentence. There is not a chance Jenny would have given up her brother had it not been for his insistence.

There are some questions about Jenny’s loyalty when Claire returned, but we have to remember that Jenny knows nothing about time travel. Claire hasn’t shared that, and Jamie simply said Claire was “gone.” Not dead, but “gone.” Jenny was hurt by that, especially when Claire just turned up out of the blue.

Jenny is a stubborn woman. She is also strong-willed and determined. If you have her back, she is going to have yours.