Outlander is recasting Jenny for Outlander Season 7

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Jenny Murray will return in Outlander Season 7, but it’s going to be with a different face. Laura Donnelly isn’t returning to the series.

If you were hoping to see Laura Donnelly back with Outlander, there was always going to be the chance of disappointment. Donnelly had made it clear a while ago that she was done with the series, but many did hold out hope. Was there a chance that she would see there was a good storyline to come back for?

Without Laura, fans wondered what it would mean for Outlander Season 7. After all, the storyline does call for Jenny to return, and in a huge way. This wasn’t going to be a storyline that could be reworked with other characters in the way the series attempted to rework the Drums of Autumn storyline.

It turns out the show has opted to recast the role after all. We will see Jenny Murray in Season 7.

Who will play Jenny in Outlander Season 7?

The show announced the decision on social media, while showing off some of the new and returning faces to the series. One of the standouts was definitely the new face for Jenny Murray.

Kristin Atherton is stepping into the role. She is originally from Sheffield in Yorkshire, England and is more of a theatrical actress than a screen one. That’s nothing we worry about when it comes to this series. The majority of the actors on the show have been theatre actors. UK viewers will recognize her from Waterloo Road, though, and she has done a few on-screen productions.

There are a few familiar faces when it comes to the Murray storyline. Atherton will be opposite Steven Cree, who is returning as Ian Murray. We’ll also see Nell Hudson return as Laoghaire, and Layla Burns will return as Joan, Marsali’s little sister.

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