How many seasons of For All Mankind are planned?

We are still eagerly waiting for the confirmation that For All Mankind Season 5 is happening. After that, how many more seasons could there be? This show does have an endgame.
For All Mankind Season 2, Episode 3 - Courtesy of Apple TV+
For All Mankind Season 2, Episode 3 - Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

We’re still waiting for Apple to tell us that For All Mankind Season 5 is happening. That doesn’t stop us from looking at how much more there is to tell in the story.

One of the benefits of For All Mankind is that it’s an alternate history series. It means there isn’t really a certain pattern of events that need to play out. Of course, some events, such as the end of the Soviet Union, would likely always end up happening, but in the space race series, it didn’t happen for a decade later than it happened in real history.

This is also a show that doesn’t have to stay in the current day. With the advancements of technology in the series already, it is possible for the show to keep going forward in time. We could get a look at what could have been in the future if NASA kept going with space missions.

Is For All Mankind Season 5 happening?

As of right now, the series remains in limbo. This isn’t a good sign at this point. Unless the series has been quietly renewed and the writing work has started, the delay in the renewal suggests that Apple isn’t too certain about the viewing figures this time. Usually, we already know the show is getting another season before the show premieres a new season, meaning the writer’s room has opened as the show airs.

A continued delay in the renewal means a continued delay for the writers. That puts the show on hold for longer. Rather than a 14-16 month turnaround between seasons, we could have to wait 18 months to two years for the fifth season. Are fans really going to be willing to hang around for that?

For All Mankind has an endgame

This is a series that has been planned out well by the creators. Co-creator Matt Wolpert told Den of Geek that there is a seven-year plan for this series. If the series keeps moving forward a decade, this would put the show in around the 2030s in the final season.

That is if the show can get to that point, though. The creators may have a seven-season plan, but that doesn’t mean Apple will want to spend the money on it. This is an expensive show, and if the viewing figures aren’t there, we could see it prematurely canceled. I hope it’s not, but at least this is a series that can wrap things up relatively well each season.

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