How long could we need to wait for Outlander Book 10?

Diana Gabaldon is working on Outlander Book 10. Just how long could the wait be?
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There is no doubt that we’re ready to see the next part of Claire and Jamie’s story. We’re not talking about the TV series here, but the books. Outlander Book 10 is set to be the last in the story, and Diana Gabaldon is currently working on it.

Of course, it may not end up being the last in the tale. This all depends on the characters. Gabaldon doesn’t plot a lot of things out and allows her characters to tell their stories. It’s led to the book series getting longer, but we all know that it has to come to an end at some point. After all, Claire and Jamie are only human, so their lives will eventually need to come to an end.

Rather than worrying about the end of the series, we just want to know when Outlander Book 10 will be released. This book doesn’t even have a title yet. Here’s a look at when we could see it come out.

Outlander Book 10 probably won’t come out any time soon

Don’t expect the novel to be released within the next couple of years. While there was only a year between the first three books, Gabaldon started taking more time with the others. The books have gotten much larger than Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber.

It took three years between the third and fourth books, and then five years between the next two books.

The wait between the eighth and ninth books has been the longest. Written in My Own Heart’s Blood was published in 2014, but it wasn’t until 2021 that fans got to read Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. This isn’t just because of writing time but because of promotion time for the TV series. 2014 was when the TV series premiered and Gabaldon is invited to a lot of press events for the show.

Could we have to wait seven years for the next book? The TV series coming to an end could work in book readers’ favor. Gabaldon won’t be called to do as many press events for the TV series, which means she’ll have more time to write. It could allow for Outlander Book 10 to come out sooner.

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