Is Outlander Book 10 going to be the last?

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Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly /

Right now, Outlander Book 10 is set to be the last of the main series. However, Diana Gabaldon hints that may change in the future.

There’s no doubt that we don’t want Claire and Jamie’s story to come to an end. Sadly, all good things do have to end, and there is an end in sight to this story. Diana Gabaldon has said that the last of the main series will be Outlander Book 10.

There will be other books after it, but not in the main series. We already know there is a prequel book that focuses on Jamie’s parents. Then there’s the potential of a Master Raymond book. And we’d love more Lord John Grey novellas. For now, those are the books in the works.

However, there is a chance that Book 10 won’t be the last. Gabaldon shared on Twitter that she isn’t stopping there if the characters continue talking to her.

Outlander Book 10 may not be the last of the main series

A fan asked on Twitter if the 10th book would be the last. That is the plan, but then, Gabaldon points out that the first book was supposed to be the only one.

Fans also know that there have been changes to other plans over the years. At one point, there was only going to be three books, then four, then eight, then nine, and now 10.

Gabaldon has the ending in mind, but she doesn’t have everything planned up until then. In fact, she isn’t a planner. She allows the characters take her on their journeys, which is why we get the jump between the various characters as the series continues.

As long as we get answers about Jamie’s ghosts from the very first book, we’ll be happy! That’s what we need to see after all this time.

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What do you hope to see before the book series comes to an end? What are your theories about Jamie’s ghost? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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