For All Mankind Season 4 finale: Krys Marshall asked for Dani to die

Krys Marshall didn't want to leave For All Mankind, but she did ask for Dani to be killed off. Is that what happened in the Season 4 finale?
For All Mankind Danielle
For All Mankind Danielle /

Danielle Poole is one of the best characters on For All Mankind. As the fourth season finale approached, we knew there was a chance a character would die. And it turns out that Krys Marshall volunteered as tribute.

That news came out shortly after the finale dropped on Apple TV+. Marshall shared that she offered her character up as the one to die. After all, every season of For All Mankind has ended with a major death. Tracy and Gordo Stevens at the end of Season 2 still haunts us.

A lot of people probably thought that it would be time for Ed to go, though. Well, here’s a look at what actually happened at the end of For All Mankind Season 4.

Margo manages to save the day

It’s all thanks to Margo that Ed and his conspirators are able to have their voices heard. She realizes that they are all right. Everything that they’ve done on Mars would be for nothing if Goldilocks ends up down on Earth.

So, Margo manages to create codes to make it impossible for NASA to carry out the plans. Then Aleida is the one to execute the codes, knowing that far too many eyes would be on Margo.

It works. Those involved in the attempt to keep Goldilocks on Mars win. And it looks like we’ll now be pushed into a real mission to create a habitat on Mars for people to live. I get a sense that this is leading to something like The Expanse.

What happens to Dani in the For All Mankind Season 4 finale

The big question going into the episode, though, was who would die. And it looked like it was going to be Dani. Krys Marshall says that she offered her character up, and sure enough, Dani was shot in an outbreak on Mars.

She’s not dead, though. Dani survived. We see her at the end of the season heading back to Earth to start out her recovery period.

This doesn’t mean we’ll see Dani (or Ed) in the next season. The ending showed up a flashforward to 2012. This usually hints to where the next season will take place, so it suggests that we’re jumping ahead 10 years from For All Mankind Season 4. That’s about standard, but Dani and Ed are certainly getting along in their ages.

Ed’s biggest fear has been that he’d end up on Earth and in some retirement home wearing adult diapers. He isn’t ready for that.

AS for Dani, it will be a great chance to see her retirement and how she recovers from the gunshot wound.

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For All Mankind is available to stream on Apple TV+.