Already missing For All Mankind? Here are 5 shows to watch next

For All Mankind Season 4 has only just come to an end, but here are five shows to check out next while we wait for news about Season 5.
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The Expanse is one show to watch if you love For All Mankind

For All Mankind Season 4 has wrapped. It’s time for the break, and we’re not sure if this is a break or the end of the series just yet. We’re hoping to see the show renewed for a fifth season.

While we wait, we need to find something else to watch. This is a hard show to replace as it’s alternate history. There aren’t many shows out there that bring us a “what if” approach to history for drama.

The good news is there are a lot of shows that cover other elements of the series. There are political dramas set in space, there are space exploration shows, and there are period dramas set in the same time period. We have a list of five shows to start with.

Get political with The Expanse

While For All Mankind is about a race to the moon and then to Mars, there is also a lot of politics involved. In fact, the third season has a storyline in the White House when one of the NASA astronauts becomes the President of the United States and there’s an affair scandal.

If you like the political aspect of the story, you’ll want to turn to The Expanse. This show just happens to be set in space, following those on Earth, Mars, and in The Belt. A crew of people from all three areas end up having to work together when they realize there’s a huge conspiracy that could change the way people live in the three areas for good. It’s just hard to get people to actually work together when The Belters have been disenfranchised after years of Earth and Mars pushing them down.

The Expanse is available to stream on Prime Video.