Droughtlander suggestions: Could Criminal Record be worth checking out?

Criminal Record premieres on Apple TV+ this week. Is it worth watching during Droughtlander?
Criminal Record -- Courtesy of Apple TV+
Criminal Record -- Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

There’s a new show heading to Apple TV+. This has become a great streamer full of content to get us through Droughtlander, and now we’re onto the crime drama Criminal Record.

Is this something to check out as we wait for new episodes of Outlander. It isn’t something similar to the show, but that is often what we need. It’s time to expand genres and storylines.

The first two episodes will drop on Wednesday, Jan. 10. After that, we’ll get one episode a week until the finale in February.

What Is Criminal Record about?

The series picks up with an anonymous call that connects to a case that was closed years earlier. Peter Capaldi’s Daniel Hegarty got a confession out of a guy for murder. It turns out that the confession may not have been real.

Now a new detective, June Lenker wants to get to the bottom of it. She gets an anonymous call that suggests the police got the wrong guy for murder. Of course, Daniel is sure that he got the right guy and that he’s a good cop. Is he really one of the good ones? What will June find as she starts digging into his investigation?

Why watch this series during Droughtlander?

The main reason to watch the show is for the writing and acting. There are some high quality performances from Jumbo and Capaldi, and they’re sure to draw you in from the beginning. Plus, don’t you want to see them in roles completely different to what you’re used to seeing them in?

There’s also the fact that you’ll get somewhat of the accent you’ll hear in Outlander. While the series itself is set in London, Capaldi is a Scottish actor.

Overall, though, it’s worth watching this just to get something different. Expand your genres to find something else to check out. After all, you don’t know what the actors will do next, and we’re already seeing Lauren Lyle and Richard Rankin move into the crime drama genre.

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Criminal Record will premiere on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, Jan. 10.