Droughtlander suggestions: It's time to delve into The Idea of You on Prime Video

If you want some romance in your life, you'll want to turn to Prime Video's The Idea of You. Here's why it's perfect for Droughtlander.
The Idea of You
The Idea of You /

One of the elements that draws people to Outlander is the romance, so it’s not surprising that fans want more of that as they turn to other shows and movies. The good news is Prime Video has you covered with the latest romantic release, The Idea of You.

This movie is based on the novel of the same name by Robinne Lee. Just a word of warning that the end of the movie is changed from the end of the book. Outlander fans should be used to TV shows and movies changing things, though. They’re a different medium and call on a different audience at times.

What is The Idea of You about?

The movie follows single mom Solene, who ends up taking her daughter to an August Moon concert. August Moon is the hit band, but Sol was never supposed to be there. She was supposed to go on a solo camping trip instead. Her ex-husband ended up bailing and leading to Sol having to change her own plans.

This leads to an adorable meet cute between Sol and the August Moon lead singer, Hayes Campbell. There’s an immediate attraction, and Hayes decides to pursue a relationship with Sol. The trouble is it’s almost impossible for someone like Hayes to remain out of the public eye. What happens when their relationship comes out, especially considering she is almost 20 years older than him?

Why The Idea of You is perfect during Droughtlander

Relationships aren’t always easy, and that’s something Outlander has reminded us of. Good and strong relationships take work and effort, and The Idea of You continues that idea. We get a chance to see the early stages and then the realities of life thrown their way. Can Sol and Hayes find a way to make it work?

There’s also a great look at relationships where the woman is almost 20 years older than the man. There is still a stigma around this, but Sol decides to embrace the fun of the relationship despite all the questions at the back of her mind. We also see how others react to the relationship as they find out, especially when it comes to Sol’s daughter.

Anne Hathaway is great as always in the role of Sol. While there’s nothing “refreshing” about the romance genre, this is a fun movie with a lot of singing and a great “real” ending to the tale. I guess the reality of the ending is the bit that is on the refreshing side of things.

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The Idea of You is available to stream on Prime Video.