Why was Daisy Jones and The Six only one season on Prime Video?

Amazon had a hit with Daisy Jones and The Six. It makes you wonder why it only lasted one season. We take a look at the reason behind that decision.
Riley Keough (Daisy), Sam Claflin (Billy)
Riley Keough (Daisy), Sam Claflin (Billy) /

If you love stories about music of the past and the behind the scenes drama of bands, then you’ll want to turn your attention to Daisy Jones and The Six on Prime Video. The series stars Riley Keough as Daisy Jones, a singer and songwriter who has dreams of making it big.

She gets that chance when she becomes the lead singer of The Six. However, that’s not an easy journey, as the band never initially wanted Daisy to join then. We end up with a story that involves a lot of drugs, affairs, surprise revelations, and more.

The series was a hit for Amazon. We would have loved to see the story continue, especially in the present day to see if the band would ever get back together. That isn’t the case, though. Why wouldn’t Amazon renew the series?

Daisy Jones and The Six was always billed as a limited series

There was never a plan to bring a second season to this story. It was always billed as a limited series, and that’s partly because it is an adaptation of a Taylor Jenkins Reid novel. The novel itself is a standalone book, and the series does a pretty good job of telling the story.

Without a sequel to the story, there can’t really be a second season to the series. Well, there could, but it would mean crafting a story from scratch. This is when a lot of the original fans step away. After all, if there wasn’t a sequel to the book story, we know the only reason the TV story keeps going is for money—unless it’s Game of Thrones and that was arguably because the series just got ahead of the books!

There wasn’t a need for a sequel anyway. The story itself may not end the way that we would like with the band getting back together, but we do get closure. The band members get some closure. After all, it all starts with the fact that Daisy Jones and The Six broke up suddenly after a sell-out concert. Daisy was the one to walk away with no warning, and this was the first time everyone was willing to talk about that. By the end, we got answers as to why Daisy walked away.

So, if you’re looking for a series to binge-watch that doesn’t leave you hanging at the end, why not check out Daisy Jones and The Six? It’s just one season, and that’s all it will ever be.

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