What does Diana Gabaldon think of Outlander: Blood of My Blood?

Outlander: Blood of My Blood will include something that Diana Gabaldon doesn't plan on writing about. It's going to include the story of Claire's parents. What does the Outlander auhor think of that?
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Before watching Outlander: Blood of My Blood, a lot of fans want to know what Diana Gabaldon thinks. After all, she is the author of the books that were transformed into this highly-rated TV series.

Something that fans quickly noted was how Claire’s parents will be included in Outlander: Blood of My Blood. This is a prequel series that will cover the love stories of both Jamie’s parents and Claire’s parents, giving us stories in two different time periods.

Fans know that Diana Gabaldon isn’t interested in writing about Claire’s parents, though. So, what does she think of the show including it. At first, comments seemed a little negative, but she took to social media to share more.

Diana Gabaldon is excited for Outlander: Blood of My Blood

The story about Claire’s parents is coming directly from Matt B. Roberts. Gabaldon shared in a recent update how the prequel is going to be a collaboration. The story of Jamie’s parents will be taken from what we already know and a little of what Gabaldon has shared from the prequel she is working on. The story of Claire’s parents is being crafted by Roberts.

This is something Roberts talked to Gabaldon about. She makes it clear that Roberts is a good writer and loves the characters. It sounds like she thinks that he will do a good job.

However, Gabaldon still makes it clear that she doesn’t plan on writing anything about Claire’s parents, other than what we already know: they died in a car accident when Claire was five. She doesn’t plan on including anything from Roberts’s creation in the books—except possibly a line if she likes it.

Take a look at Gabaldon’s post about Outlander: Blood of My Blood:

Well, I'm happy to see that people are excited about the new Prequel show (aka "Blood of my Blood"), though I gather a...

Posted by Diana Gabaldon on Wednesday, February 7, 2024

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Outlander: Blood of My Blood will come to STARZ.