The Cameron gold in Outlander Season 7 explained

There was a mention of gold in Outlander Season 6, and that was foreshadowing of events to come in Outlander Season 7. Let's break down that Cameron gold.
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Outlander Season 6 was able to foreshadow a few storylines in Season 7. One of those was the gold that led to Murdina Bug’s death.

After the fire, we found out that the Bugs had stolen some gold and had hidden it under the house. They were slowly moving it to somewhere else, but the fire at the Big House forced them to speed a few things up and they ended up getting caught.

This was a storyline where seeds were planted in Outlander Season 6. Jocasta’s slave mentioned that Jocasta had been muttering something about the French gold, which caught Jamie’s attention. It wasn’t surprising them to see him put a lot of connections together when he saw the gold in the aftermath of the fire.

Where did the Cameron gold come from in Outlander Season 7?

The gold didn’t actually belong to the Camerons. Hector Cameron had taken it, and it was something shown back in Outlander Season 4 when we found out what had happened to Jocasta’s daughter as they fled Scotland after Culloden.

The gold was part of the Jacobite gold, sent to help Bonnie Prince Charlie and his campaign to put the Stuarts back on the throne. When it was clear the Jacobite rising wasn’t going to go the way they wanted, Hector Cameron, Dougal MacKenzie, and others opted to split the gold up. Cameron took his share to the Colonies.

Arch Bug had been connected to another family, also involved in the splitting of the gold. He and Murdina were resentful of the gold being taken and them not getting any of it. When they found out where Hector Cameron was and where the gold was hidden, they decided that they deserved it and took the gold.

Now that gold is in Jamie’s hands. Of course, he knows that other people out there probably know about it, so he’s hidden it in a cave. It’s with the Spaniard, and only Jamie, Jemmy, and now Claire know where it is hidden.

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