Outlander Season 7B: Will Sarah Collier return as Murdina Bug?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

As we wait for Outlander Season 7B, we take a look at who could return to the series. What about Sarah Collier as Murdina Bug?

Outlander Season 7A brought us a lot of great stories straight from the books. One of those had a lot more development in the books, but it was certainly fun to see it play out in the series. And to be honest, for TV, the storytelling worked. I don’t care what the book fans have to say about that.

Now we wait for Outlander Season 7B. It’s a long wait, but we know the eight episodes will arrive sometime in 2024. That gives us enough time to speculate on who could and couldn’t come back to the series. This time, we’re looking at Sarah Collier, who played Murdina Bug on the series.

Don’t expect Mrs. Bug back in Outlander Season 7B

You’ll know Murdina Bug better as Mrs. Bug. She seemed to be a helpful hand around the house, but we found out in the seventh season that she and her husband had other plans. They’d found out where Hector Cameron had buried the stolen Jacobite gold, and they decided to take it for themselves.

The Big House burning down caused some problems. The gold was there, and Jamie and Young Ian kept watch one night to see if Arch Bug would return for it. Sure enough, someone did, and Young Ian shot them. Only, it wasn’t Arch as Young Ian and Jamie thought it was. It was Mrs. Bug, and Young Ian was distraught by what he had done.

This death was final. The Frasers and people of the Ridge attended her funeral. This is what kicked off Arch Bug’s revenge story against Young Ian. So, while we’ll likely see Arch again, we won’t see Murdina, unless she comes back as a ghost.

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