5 best female friendships in Outlander

There aren't too many positive female friendships in Outlander, but there are some to root for. Here are the five best.
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Celebrating the female friendships in Outlander this Galentine’s Day

If there’s one thing Claire doesn’t do well with in Outlander, it’s female friendships. However, there are some women who have been by her side through the thick of it.

Then there are other female friendships. After all, we’ve seen characters like Bree and Marsali connect, and the relationship between Bree and Lizzie has blossomed.

Feb. 13 marks Galentine’s Day, a chance to celebrate female friendships. It only makes sense to take a look inside Outlander and celebrate the positive female relationships in the series.

Claire Fraser and Jenny Murray

When Claire was first brought to Lallybroch, she stayed out of Jenny and Jamie’s business. That likely helped Jenny and Claire form a bond. It also helped that once Jenny and Jamie made up after so long of being apart, Jenny was able to see past her anger and welcome Claire into the family.

We got to see some great moments in the series, including Claire helping Jenny deliver baby Margaret and the two of them tracking for Jamie after he was taken by The Watch.

The friendship did suffer in the third season, and that’s not really that surprising. Claire didn’t just leave Jamie but she left the family, and the family couldn’t understand why. There’s hope to see this friendship mend when Jenny returns in Outlander Season 7B.