Apple TV+'s Manhunt won't get a second season (unless it's an anthology)

If you enjoyed Manhunt on Apple TV+, you'll likely want a second season. There is some bad news when it comes to this series.
Manhunt on Apple TV+
Manhunt on Apple TV+ /

If you’re looking for historical fiction that tells a true story, Apple TV+ recently had you covered. It was all about Manhunt, which focused on finding the man responsible for the murder of President Abraham Lincoln.

Tobias Menzies took on the role of Edwin Stanton, the War Secretary to Lincoln. He tasked himself with getting to the bottom of the murder, feeling like it should be his duty considering his position. He was also a close friend of the president, and he wanted to do this for justice and for Lincoln’s family.

The series has now come to an end. Of course, if you loved the story, you’ll want more. The question is whether there will be a second season.

Manhunt was billed as a limited series

We have to point out the fact that Apple TV+ ordered this series as a limited series. It was only ever supposed to be one season, and that is the way that it was written.

In fact, the show ends with John Wilkes Booth dead and his co-conspirators hanged. We got title cards to say what had happened to some of the other main players, including Mary Simms, who was one of 10 Black people to testify against Dr. Mudd and make sure justice was served.

We also found out what happened to Stanton after it all. He died from organ failure related to his asthma shortly before the passing of the 15th Amendment.

There isn’t any more story to tell with all that. So, it means there can’t be a second season, right?

Apple TV+ could make Manhunt an anthology series

There is a growing interest in anthology shows. It is possible for Manhunt to end up with a second season but focused on a different search for a murderer. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of big murders from history.

This isn’t a focus on the murder itself. It would need to be focused on the hunt for the killer, and how people worked against the odds to bring down the conspirator and the co-conpirators involved.

Menzies did share with The Hollywood Reporter that he is happy with the first story told. If the show was to get a second season, everyone would need to be intentional about it. So, it doesn’t sound like there are plans for a second season just yet.

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Manhunt is available to stream on Apple TV+.