Manhunt age rating: Is the Apple TV+ series suitable for kids?

Manhunt premieres on Apple TV+ today, Friday, March 15. Is this a series to watch once the kids have gone to bed?
Manhunt -- Courtesy of Apple
Manhunt -- Courtesy of Apple /

If you love historical fiction and crime, you’ll want to turn your attention to Apple TV+ right now. The first two episodes of Manhunt starring Tobias Menzies are available.

The series follows the hunt for Abraham Lincoln’s killer. We now know that he was John Wilkes Booth. There are plenty of books about who he was, but how much do you really know about the hunt for the man? How much do you know about those who tried to hide him? And what about the fears that the Civil War would have been for nothing?

This is all covered and more throughout the limited series. Now you just need to know if you’re waiting for the kids to go to bed or not.

Manhunt age rating

The series is officially rated TV-MA. That means it’s aimed at those 18 and above.

However, in Singapore, it is rated 16+. In Canada, it’s rated 18+. It seems that this could be a series that works for older teenagers in the house.

The series follows the dark topic of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. It will have some violence, and it will cover some dark materials. There is also likely some harsh language and there may be some nudity. Language and nudity have become the norm for streaming shows since there are so few restrictions on what can be said and shown.

So, it’s worth going into this series carefully. If you have younger children, I wouldn’t watch it with them. Not only could some of the material not be suitable for them, but I don’t think this would really be a show that interests them. It’s aimed at the adults in the house, which means a lot of heavy explanations of things. This is going to be one of those show you need to concentrate on.

When it comes to the older teenagers, it could work well for them. This is especially the case if they love historical dramas and history of various crimes. Why not let them understand a little more of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?

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Manhunt airs Fridays on Apple TV+.