All the time travelers we've met in the Outlander TV series

A lot of characters can time travel in Outlander. Here are all the ones we've met so far in the TV series.
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While Outlander started with just Claire Randall time traveling to 1743, we have met many more along the way. There are theories of other time travelers, but nothing confirmed with some of them.

Of course, the books go into more details. There are different time travelers with some of them not introduced in the TV series yet. That’s why we’re only focusing on the show right now—and only those who have been confirmed.

This is to make sure there are no spoilers for those who have read the books. We’ll cover the book time travelers in a post at a later date. So, if you think I’ve made a mistake, make sure they’ve been confirmed in the show first.

Outlander Season 1 time travelers

The show opens with just one known time traveler. We meet Claire Randall, who comes to Scotland on her second honeymoon with husband Frank. It’s just after the war, and the two are finding themselves and their relationship after years of being apart.

While at Craigh na Dun after Halloween, Claire is pulled through the stones to 1743. This is how the story of Claire and Jamie starts as Murtagh saves her from Black Jack Randall and Jamie immediately falls for her.

The first season does introduce another time traveler, though. We meet Geillis Duncan, who comes up in the second and third seasons as Gillian Edgars and later Geillis Abernathy.

Outlander Season 2 time travelers

The second season is a little messy when it comes to one of the time travelers. You see, we know that Master Raymond can travel, but it’s never explicitly stated in the show. It’s just easy to work out considering the blue light he sees around Claire and his own blue healing light. He is the one who started the time traveler line.

The second season finale introduces us to Brianna Randall and Roger Wakefield. The two end up being confirmed time travelers, but this isn’t confirmed in the second season. It’s just a suspicion that they can travel based on genetics. We’ll include them here though since we know they do travel in the fourth season.

Outlander Season 3 time travelers

Bree and Roger help Claire get back to the past in Outlander Season 3 after finding Jamie. There are no new confirmed time travelers in this season of the series. The focus is on Geillis learning that Bree is in the 20th century and trying to get back there to kill her. Claire kills her and it solves the mystery of that connection she had to the bones Joe Abernathy showed her in 1968.

Outlander Season 4 time travelers

This is the season where we get the confirmation that Bree and Roger can time travel. There is also another family member born who we assume will be able to travel through the stones—although this is not confirmed until later on. Jemmy is born in the fourth season of the series.

The season also brings us the story of Otter Tooth, who is a time traveler from the 1960s. He traveled to the past in an attempt to save Native Americans from slaughter after the Revolutionary War.

Outlander Season 5 time travelers

We learn in this season that Jemmy can definitely hear the stones so will be able to time travel. However, this season gives us some of the rules about steering that previous seasons hadn’t really had the chance to go into.

The season does introduce us to another time traveler toward the end. We meet Wendigo Donner, and it turns out that he traveled through the stones with Otter Tooth. The two traveled with others, but they were all separated on the way through the stones.

We also meet Buck MacKenzie, Roger’s ancestor. He isn’t confirmed as a time traveler in this season, but we get a feeling that he is. After all, Geillis is his mother and we know Roger can time travel.

Outlander Season 6 time travelers

There are no new time travelers introduced in this season of the series.

Outlander Season 7 time travelers

So far, we’ve met Buck and got confirmation that he can travel through the stones. Bree gives birth to Amanda Claire Hope Fraser, and we find out that she is able to travel through the stones. That’s a good thing considering she needs a heart surgery that can only be done in the present time.

Of course, the show has ended with Rob Cameron taking Jemmy to the stones. Is Rob a time traveler? That hasn’t been fully confirmed just yet.

There are a few stories to come in the second half of the season. It’ll be exciting to see if we meet any other new time travelers.

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