Is Geillis Duncan in Outlander Season 7A?

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

We know Geillis is one of the characters returning at some point in Outlander Season 7. Will that happen in Outlander Season 7A?

Geillis Duncan is coming back. Lotte Verbeek was on the list of returning cast members for Outlander Season 7. Of course, there were many fans wondering how. You’ll need to check out the book spoilers for the answer to that.

We’re looking at when Geillis will return. We know it’s sometime this season, but will it be in the first set of eight episodes? Could we have to wait for the second half of the season in 2024? We can look at promotional material to get an idea of what to expect.

Will Geillis be in Outlander Season 7A?

It doesn’t look like the witch is back just yet. Geillis isn’t in any of the promotional content for the season. The promo makes it clear that the first eight episodes are focused on Jamie saving Claire, the fire at Fraser’s Ridge, and the Siege of Ticonderoga. There’s a huge focus on William, Jamie’s son, who Jamie will have to face on the battlefield.

Where could Geillis fit in all this? Well, I suppose she could be a figment of Claire’s imagination. We could see her pop up at some point while Claire is in Wilmington’s jail cell, but that’s unlikely. Claire seemed to break through her trauma and opened up to Jamie at the end of Outlander Season 6.

How is Geillis coming back? You’ll want to check out Written in My Own Heart’s Blood to find out how she actually comes back into the story. This is connected to Roger’s storyline, but that’s all we’ll give away in this post. We have shared the book spoilers before.

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