A Gentleman in Moscow cast: Ewan McGregor leads the Paramount+ series

There's a new period drama to check out. Ewan McGregor leads an outstanding cast for A Gentleman in Moscow.

"A Gentleman In Moscow" New York Premiere
"A Gentleman In Moscow" New York Premiere / Gotham/GettyImages

There are a lot of new historical fiction shows arriving on various networks right now. One of those has just premiered on Paramount+. It’s all about A Gentleman in Moscow.

The series will follow Count Alexander Rostov, who returns to Russia from Paris just after the October Revolution. Everything has changed for the Russians. The count suddenly finds himself without a title or any of his possessions.

Instead, he’s stuck in an attic room in one of the country’s grandest hotels. He’s under house arrest and awaiting the Bolshevik tribunal to see what his fate shall end up being. As he figures out what to do with his life, he finds a new meaning in it thanks to the new connections he makes in the hotel.

A Gentleman in Moscow cast

Ewan McGregor leads the series as Count Alexander Rostov. He got into the role through dying and perming his hair. As his hair grew out during filming, the coloring was used as a way to show signs of the count aging during his time.

Kenneth Branagh, who is the man behind Belfast starring Caitriona Balfe and Jamie Dornan, was supposed to be the lead in the series. That was back in 2018 when the project was first announced. It wasn’t until August 2022 that the series could really get under way and the casting changed.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Anna Urbanova in the series. The role of Anna has been expanded in the series compared to the book, which is important for storytelling on the screen. You’ll recognize Winstead for her roles in Final Destination 3, Birds of Prey, and Live Free or Die Hard.

Other cast members include:

  • Leah Harvey as Marina Samarova
  • Johnny Harris as Osip Glebnikov
  • Paul Ready as Prince Nikolai Petrov
  • Alexa Goodall as Nina Kulikova
  • John Heffernan as "The Bishop" Leplevsky
  • Lyès Salem as Andrey Duras
  • Fehinti Balogun as Mikhail "Mishka" Mindich
  • Björn Hlynur Haraldsson as Emily Zhukovsky
  • Dee Ahluwalia as Audrius
  • Anastasia Hille as Olga
  • Jason Forbes as Nachevko

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A Gentleman in Moscow airs on Fridays on Paramount+.