The 10 most disliked Outlander characters

There's the obvious choices like Black Jack and Laoghaire, but a couple characters on our list might surprise you.
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Outlander Season 6 2022
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The Christies

The Christies were trouble and brought a black cloud with them since arriving on the Ridge. When the truth of what Malva was going through and the abuse at the hands of her brother, it was heartbreaking and you could understand why she did the things she did. But unfortunately, all that still brought trouble to Jamie and Claire. Because of this, the two lost the loyalty and love from most people on the Ridge.

Now one person I definitely dislike is Allan. That disgusting man. I'm so happy Young Ian shot him. He deserved a more painful death. As for Tom Christie, I know a lot of you start to have more sympathy for him when his true feelings for Claire are revealed. And he was instrumental in saving her from execution. But do I like him? I can honestly say I do not. He's a complicated man whose tightly held religious beliefs did nothing good for him, his children, or the people who opened up their home to him.

Frank Randall

Oh, man. My feelings towards Frank are so complicated. He gets a lot of flack by us Outlander fans. On the one hand, he lost his wife who loved him and he loved back. Then she returns and tells him she's in love with someone else and pregnant with another's baby. I understand why he wanted to raise Bree as his own daughter, but I do think he was a bit selfish. Claire wasn't allowed to talk about or look for Jamie. But then it's revealed Frank was actually looking into Jamie himself. So, what is it you wanted Frank?

Yes, Claire agreed to his terms. But that secret became ugly when Bree grew up and Claire had to deal with it all. He's a bit of a tragic character, similar to Tom Christie. In love with a woman who will never love them back. Or at least in Frank's case, not as a husband ever again. He was asking for Claire to love him like that once again. And though she tried, it couldn't happen. I can understand why he becomes resentful and he was definitely put in a tricky spot. But I don't think he handled the situation very well.

Roger and Brianna MacKenzie

Ok, please don't @ me for this. Where is that monkey covering its eyes emoji when you need it? Let me explain. I do know that in general, Bree and Roger are a little more liked in the books. I'm a show-only fan so I don't know what these two characters are like in the novels. I also know I'm not the only one who has some dislike for Bree and Roger. When we first meet Roger in season 2, I think he was a likable character. But as he and Bree started to get closer, he really wasn't my favorite. I mean when it came to certain aspects, he was less open-minded than Jamie I felt like.

And then for Brianna, I'm sorry but there's a few seasons where I wasn't really invested in her story. It didn't feel like she was contributing much. So it was hard to connect to the two characters. And I understood her anger towards Claire in season 2 when she found out the truth about Jamie. But she was still pretty hurtful towards her mother. I don't know, it was a bit much at times. Though I will say that I've really liked them in season 7 so far. And I think the two have some great storylines coming up. I'm sorry Roger and Brianna fans. Don't hate me!

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Other disliked Outlander characters

  • The Duke of Sandringham - he was such a weasel but annoyingly amusing at times as well.
  • Comte St. Germain - I know Claire ruined your shipment, but you can't just go around poisoning her!
  • Philip Wylie - he was super annoying with his powdered face and over the top flash, proving he was just a coward at the end.
  • Governor Tryon - he gives the Frasers land, but expected Jamie's service in return. Plus forcing our favorite Highlander into a red coat. Nah-uh.
  • Gerald Forbes - this man did not know how to take no for an answer when Bree rejects him. All he wanted was to get his greedy hands on money. And he almost killed Aunt Jocasta if it wasn't for Ulysses!
  • Father Bain - this religiously crazy man had a real grudge for Claire, thinking she's a witch for helping people in a way he didn't understand.
  • Rob Cameron - I had a bad feeling about this man from the start, but everything came to a head in the season 7 midseason finale when he kidnapped Jemmy. What does he want with him!?

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