The 10 most disliked Outlander characters

There's the obvious choices like Black Jack and Laoghaire, but a couple characters on our list might surprise you.
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Geillis Duncan

Geilis Duncan was such a mysterious character when we first meet her. She had a mystical air about her. The fellow time-traveler also had a knack for getting Claire into trouble. Look, she did come through at the trial. Claire was able to escape with Jamie thanks to her. We have to give Geillis that. But then she becomes unhinged in season 3, and my impassiveness for her turned into dislike real quick. I mean, she was going to kill Bree. We also can't forget the way she assaulted Young Ian. This gal took her love for country way too far. I guess that's why her "soulmate" was Dougal MacKenzie. They were made for each other.

Dougal MacKenzie

All that was important to this Scottish warrior was the Jacobite cause. He was so determined to get Bonnie Prince Charlie on the throne that he was blinded by how it affected his relationship with his family, including his brother Colum and nephew Jamie. Look, Dougal had good intentions. But he didn't go about things the right way, and he didn't always treat Jamie well. This turned him into an unlikable character. Most of the time anyway. Plus he had a weird thing for Claire. He may have had an unfair ending at the hands of his nephew and Claire, but he also didn't let them explain and went all Dougal.

Bonnie Prince Charlie

And who was behind Geillis and Dougal's craziness? That would be Bonnie Prince Charlie. The head of the Jacobite Rising. He was a blind royal who knew nothing about what he was doing. And we definitely dislike him because he didn't listen to Jamie, could have actually succeeded if he did, and cost Jamie and Claire 20 years of happiness together. It's all his fault and we'll never forgive him! If it wasn't for Charlie and had they been successful in changing the past, our favorite couple probably would have been able to stay together and raise Bree together.

Laoghaire MacKenzie

Laoghaire is truly an example of a person who will never grow up. She still acts like the teen that we met in Outlander season 1. I still can't believe Jamie ever married her. But that's a different discussion. I do feel bad that Jamie sort of led her on, went away, and came back married. But, I mean. Move on, girl. All she does is complain and cause problems for Jamie and Claire. And she's still petty. With Jamie and Claire now in Scotland (yay!), we're going to see Laoghaire again in Outlander Season 7B. What other trouble is she going to cause!?