The 10 most disliked Outlander characters

There's the obvious choices like Black Jack and Laoghaire, but a couple characters on our list might surprise you.
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Unfortunately for the Frasers, they've faced many nasty people and villainous characters over the years. And sadly, I don't think that's going to stop in Outlander Season 7B! Jamie, Claire, and the rest of their family have had their fair share of obstacles. But I guess that's all part of the Outlander story, right?

There's just some characters we love to hate, and below we shared 10 of the most disliked Outlander characters we've encountered so far. A couple of them might even surprise you! The following list not ranked in a particular order. I've left that up fo ryou to decide. Read on below for our picks!

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Black Jack Randall

Jamie and Claire have faced their fair share of villains and horrible humans in the past seven seasons. Of course the first one that comes to mind is Jonathan Randall, aka Black Jack. He doesn't even need an explanation. The sadistic red coat really was like no other. From all the bad people our beloved couple have faced, I still think he's the worst. Followed closely behind Lionel Brown. But more on him below.

Stephen Bonnet

Where we could feel Black Jack had an evil bone in his body within the first few moments of meeting him, Stephen Bonnet was a bit more charismatic at the beginning. It wasn't revealed right away just how horrible he is. We see how he assaults Brianna, throws a sick child overboard his ship, and later kidnaps Bree in the fifth season believing Jemmy is his son. He starts to lose his mind and Ed Speelers did such great job embodying the disturbed character.

Lionel Brown and his gang

The Browns. Just, ugh. Unfortunately our beloved Claire is brutally kidnapped and assaulted by Lionel Brown and the sick men with him. What's so scary about Lionel and this group in particular is that they were realistic. The frightening thing is that there's still misogynistic men with his way of thinking, and those who assault women as a group.

We're adding Wendigo Donner here as a disliked character as well. Though he didn't physically hurt Claire while she was in Lionel's custody, he didn't try helping her. Wendigo became a lost soul just as he was lost in the past. He got desperate and wanted to find a way home. But come on, man. He went about it the completely wrong way, and was the reason for the house fire. It still breaks my heart thinking about Jamie and Claire's faces as the Big House went up in flames. Good riddance.

Finally is Richard Brown. Yes, Lionel was your brother. But if you think about it, the Frasers did Richard a favor and got him his brother off his back. Lionel was always problematic. Sorry not sorry. He becomes a thorn in Jamie and Claire's sides and won't let go of his revenge, going as far as trying to get Claire executed. Excuse you. Glad Jamie took care of him.