Outlander Season 7B titles may have been released

We still don't know when Outlander Season 7B will premiere on STARZ, but it looks like we have titles for the episodes.
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

We are on the lookout for anything Outlander Season 7B related. It looks like the titles for the next eight episodes of the series are out.

We do want to make it clear that we’re not sure where the titles have come from. The post was included in an Outlander Facebook group, sadly without any recognition of where these titles were initially spotted. When you are sharing content to social media, it’s always important to credit the original place. This isn’t just for copyright sake, but also so that everyone can look back at the original source to check the validity.

With that in mind, we’re taking the titles with a grain of salt until they are officially confirmed by STARZ. Sometimes, these leaked titles have been slightly wrong or they’ve been credited to the wrong episode number. However, they are a good starting point to see what to expect in the episodes to come.

Outlander Season 7B potential titles

The Facebook post shared the following titles for the episodes:

Episode 9: Unfinished Business
Episode 10: Brotherly Love
Episode 11: A Hundredweight of Stone
Episode 12: Carnal Knowledge
Episode 13: The Raven and The Dove
Episode 14: Ye Dinna Get Used to It
Episode 15: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood
Episode 16: A Hundred Thousand Angels

There are some titles that stand out more than others. “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood” is sure to stand out to all book readers. After all, it’s the title of the eighth book, and we know that Outlander Season 7B is set to include a lot of storylines from the eighth novel so that the final season can cover Book 9 and conclude the story.

“Carnal Knowledge” will stand out considering what this means. Those who know how the storyline goes for Claire will have an idea of what could happen in this episode. Is this the one where THAT shocking marriage happens? It would make sense if it follows what is likely to happen in “Brotherly Love,” which is sure to focus on the Murrays in Scotland.

I also want to look at “The Raven and the Dove.” A dove is a symbol of peace, while a raven is a symbol of wisdom and prophecy. Could this be linked to Claire’s ability to heal as we know that has to come up at some point. Could it be linked to Mandy and Jem, and the connection that they share? I’m intrigued by this title a lot.

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