Why The Crown Season 7 is not going to happen

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If you were hoping for The Crown Season 7 to happen, there’s some bad news. Season 6 is the official ending of the Royal Family series.

The Crown Season 6, Part 2 arrived on Netflix on Thursday, Dec. 14. With this comes the end of another Netflix series. No, Netflix hasn’t canceled it. This show has come to an end—the end that Peter Morgan wanted to tell.

There will definitely not be a seventh season. That’s despite the fact that the show wrapped things up in 2005. Of course, we know that there are stories to tell. Shouldn’t the series, which started with Queen Elizabeth II succeeding the throne, end with King Charles III doing the same thing?

Why there won’t be a seventh season of The Crown?

Morgan explained his decision. According to Radio Times, he has a 20-year rule. He didn’t want to keep the story going into the 20 years before where we are at now. There isn’t enough time to really understand some of the decisions that were made or the outcome of other decisions.

Something that happened to the Royal Family might seem important at the time. However, it ends up being irrelevant to the overall story. There isn’t anything that it leads to.

Let’s just look at how King Edward VIII had to abdicate to marry an American divorced woman. Charles has not had to abdicate the throne to marry his divorced bride. Why is it so different this time? Why does Charles get to be divorced without a major change to the line of succession when it would have been unthinkable for Queen Elizabeth, King George VI, and those who came before them (except Henry VIII, of course!)?

If you want to know exactly how the show handled the real death of Queen Elizabeth II, you’ll need to watch it. We don’t want to bring spoilers here. However, despite the character not dying in the series, the death was talked about and handled.

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The Crown is available to stream in full on Netflix.