Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Chapter 85 breakdown

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Foreshadowing in the Outlander chapter

The only foreshadowing that I could potentially see is in some of the things that happen when Ian and Emily see each other again. There is the naming of Oggy and a few other discussions about children. I guess there’s the foreshadowing that women have most of the rights, but they can hand over some of those rights if they choose. It’s always a woman’s choice, though.

Adapting the Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone chapter

This chapter is unlikely to be used. Maybe there will be a mention of it as someone tells a story, but I doubt that we’ll get all of Silvia’s storyline. I would like to see it as we get to learn more about the Mohawk and see how judgmental the Quakers can be, but I just don’t think there will be enough time.

If any of this storyline is used, it’s the part of Young Ian and his family going in search for Emily. Everything else is more filler to give the Murrays something to do on the journey.

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