Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Chapter 85 breakdown

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Young Ian finds Jenny Murray shooting in the woods. She has beaten the Sachem at shooting, which makes her happy. However, she sees the look on Ian’s face and knows that there’s a problem. Ian explains everything that Rachel told him about Silvia and Gabriel.

Jenny says that she can talk to the Sachem. Maybe it will be possible to get Joseph Brant to allow Silvia and her daughters to join the Mohawk tribe.

With that, Ian goes to find Silvia, who is understandably devastated by everything that has happened. She is angry at her husband but also scared that she will lose her daughters. She and Gabriel only had each other before their daughters were born.

Young Ian explains the way of the Mohawk. The women keep the children, even in divorce. This is a relief to Silvia, and she decides to find her daughters. She wants to dress them in their best clothes and take them to see their father. They need to know that he is alive.

Young Ian is concerned about Silvia. However, she eventually convinces him that she isn’t acting on pure emotion. She is sound of mind while creating her plan of action for the morning.

I feel for Silvia a lot in this chapter. It’s hard not to. While Gabriel was initially captured and sold into slavery, he didn’t need to move on with his heart. He was so callous to Silvia for the ways she opted to survive and keep a roof over their daughters’ heads. However, she still thinks of her daughters and knows that they need to see their father. It’s so hard separating the emotions, and I do think that this proves she is of sound mind.