The Gathering 2023: What happened at Blue Mountain Cocktails?

The Gathering 2023 -- Alexandria Ingham
The Gathering 2023 -- Alexandria Ingham /

Blue Mountain Cocktails is one of the big events on Saturday night at a Sasnak City convention. What happened at The Gathering 2023?

Saturday is a big day at any Sasnak City event. Toward the end of the night, it’s all about a round-robin event. At The Gathering, it’s known as Blue Mountain Cocktails.

You never really know what’s going to happen. Sometimes, the cast members can get up to antics as they move from table to table. However, there are some things that are a common occurrence with each event. Here’s a look at everything that happened at The Gathering 2023.

Blue Mountain at The Gathering 2023

The event takes place straight after Chocolate Shop. There is a cash bar, giving attendees a chance to grab something to drink before they sit at their tables and enjoy their time with their friends. Everyone needs to be seated before the cast members come in, so it’s worth getting drinks and then getting seated.

There is one cast member per table. The chair for the cast member is moved around the table to make sure everyone gets a chance to sit next to a cast member. You can’t choose who you get to sit next to as the cast members are moved around in a particular order.

Cast members spend 12 minutes or so at each table, sharing about their lives, their projects, and more. Of course, SAG-AFTRA strike rules were in effect when it came to questions. There are other rules in place that are explained at the start of the event.

This is an event where selfies are not allowed. In fact, all bags and phones must be put away. If they are caught out then individuals are escorted from the room and will be banned from future events. It’s not fair on those who do follow the rules otherwise.

This one did go pretty well, although it ran over a little bit. Don’t worry; there was still time to get to the dance party with the rest of the attendees who didn’t have a Blue Mountain ticket.

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