The Gathering 2023: What happened at Chocolate Shop?

The Gathering 2023 -- Alexandria Ingham
The Gathering 2023 -- Alexandria Ingham /

Saturday night is all about a couple of activities at The Gathering 2023. One of those is Chocolate Shop, which is only for Lallybroch attendees.

If you’re a Lallybroch tier attendee, there’s an event that is only for you. Yes, you have to wait until Saturday night, but it is more than worth the wait. It’s all about the Chocolate Shop.

Some of the desserts are by the museum catering staff, but there are Crumbl Cookies brought in with enough for each attendee. They end up being shared with the guests a lot of the time, and they always become a favorite dessert.

What exactly goes on during Chocolate Shop, though? Here’s a look at The Gathering 2023 event.

Chocolate Shop at The Gathering 2023

The event has been moved out of the hallway to help with sound and to make the event a little less hectic. It’s now in a small room, with tables for the attendees to stand at while they mingle and enjoy some time with friends. Then the cast members are brought out, with one to two cast members per group, so there were five groups for this one.

Cast members spend about nine minutes with the groups and then there is a bit of time for selfies. One group had the best idea of doing the selfies right away and then get the chance to chat. It made a little more sense doing it that way as the selfies were done quickly to spend more time chatting with cast members.

The cast often gets up to some antics as they move around. There are no photos of those antics as the only photos allowed are selfies, but there are certainly some excellent memories of the event.

If you are on the fence about the Lallybroch tier, the Chocolate Shop may be the reason to get it. At least once.

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