The Gathering 2023: What happened on Day 3?

The Gathering 2023 -- Alexandria Ingham
The Gathering 2023 -- Alexandria Ingham /

The Gathering 2023 brought us a packed schedule, with some events taking place on Day 3. Here’s a look at what Day 3 looked like so you know for the future.

When everyone works together, the last day of a Sasnak City event is pretty chill. It’s a great day to be able to shop at the vendors and spend time with friends. After all, this is more than just an event. It becomes a family.

There were still some photo ops and autographs to get through during the last day, though, and they were more than just some catch-ups. There were also Meet and Greets on the day. Here’s a look at everything that happened on Day 3 of The Gathering 2023, so you get an idea for future events.

Day 3 at The Gathering 2023

The third day of the event started off with some catch-up photo ops. Those who still needed to get some solo photos were able to get them. This was also a chance to get the Hey Ladies and the All Men photo ops. I don’t think those photo ops need any introduction.

There were a few Meet and Greets that took place throughout the day, with the team making sure everyone got all the photo ops they needed around the Meet and Greets. Those Meet and Greets were for Gary Lewis, Steven Cree, and Richard Rankin.

After that, it was all about auto catchups and the final photo op catch-ups. There was also the Fraser’s Ridge lunch with the other half of the cast, while other members got their lunch in the main area to catch up with friends before leaving Kansas City after another great weekend.

It all ended with the final panel, which was a lot of fun and a special moment for the woman behind Sasnak City. As her 10th event, Gina Phipps-Hubbell received some beautiful gifts from the attendees and the team. Without her, none of these events would happen at all.

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Check out the official Sasnak City website for details of the upcoming details of other events.