Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Chapter 35 breakdown

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Foreshadowing in the Outlander chapter

There isn’t that much foreshadowing in this chapter. This is more about setting up the next bit of the plotline. After all, we can’t see Claire and Jamie stuck at the Ridge, can we? That wouldn’t be all that interesting if there wasn’t some sort of drama happening.

Adapting the Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone chapter

Will the chapter be used in Outlander Season 8, though? This is hard to say, but I would love to see this chapter play out. It’s so important to show us a healthy marriage and how things will come up. I just don’t think that Dottie will be added into the story, so I’m not sure how everything can play out. We’ll have to see how things play out in Outlander Season 7B first.

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