Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Chapter 35 breakdown

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The chapter starts with Jamie getting a letter from Captain Judah Bixby about Denny Hunter being imprisoned by the British. There is no word on Dottie. That leads to Claire wondering whether she should write to Lord John Grey. Dottie is John’s niece after all.

However, Jamie doesn’t think that should happen. Dottie will write to her father. The Greys will know.

This is when it’s clear that Jamie isn’t over everything that happened between Claire and Jamie. She thought that they had moved on, but the mention of the prison and John has brought up issues for Jamie. This is where we get a look at a healthy marriage. I know a lot of spouses would be fed up of something that they thought was handled coming up again, but Claire takes a step back and understands.

Jamie notes that he can’t stop Claire from writing to John. Claire does end up pushing a button by bringing up William, and Jamie storms off.

Fanny has overheard the whole argument, and she shares some information that she heard in the brothel. Claire uses this as a teaching moment to share some of the backstory between Jamie and John—just the bits that Fanny needs to know to understand their friendship. Claire shares that Fanny shouldn’t talk about some of the stuff she knows around the Ridge as not everyone will understand, but she can always talk to Claire, Jamie, Bree, Roger, and the close family.

Fanny brings up that she heard Jamie’s anger at William. Will that mean Jamie won’t offer Fanny his protection? Claire assures the child that she is safe. We get to see the knowledge Fanny has that is too old for her but also the child that she is, and it’s such an important moment in the chapter.