Droughtlander suggestions: Give The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart a chance

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart -- Courtesy of Hugh Stewart/Amazon Studios
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart -- Courtesy of Hugh Stewart/Amazon Studios /

We’re looking at another show to check out during Droughtlander. It’s all about The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, but why is it worth the watch?

Droughtlander continues as we enter another month. You need something else to watch, and today it’s about another series based on a book. You need Prime Video for this release.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart tells the story of the titular character. However, it’s not just her story. There are other women who have stories to tell, and we get a look at how secrets and lies can lead to scary and traumatic situations.

What is The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart about?

The series starts with a young Alice Hart dealing with the loss of her parents. They die in a fire, and Alice is the only survivor. She goes to live with her estranged grandmother, but it turns out there is far more to the grandmother’s story, Alice’s story, and the women who live and work at the flower farm.

This flower farm is a refuge for women. Alice is more than welcome, but she doesn’t necessarily want to stay. As she gets older, she learns that her grandmother has manipulated situations and lied to her, and Alice decides it’s time to go her own way and figure life out herself. When she ends up in an abusive relationship, can she get out before it’s too late?

Why watch The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart during Droughtlander?

This is certainly not a series that is anything like Outlander. In a way, that’s a good thing. There are so many people comparing stories to Claire and Jamie’s that it’s time to step out of that frame of mind. The easiest way to do that is to watch a show that is nothing like what you’re used to.

This is also based on a book. There is much more detail in the book, but the show does a good job in pulling out the most important parts of your storyline.

This is a story more about life than anything else. It’s a story about chosen family and about how one bad flower can destroy the whole bunch. It’s a look at how secrets eat at all of us, and sometimes, it’s time to let go of fear and allow the truth to come out.

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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is available to stream on Prime Video.