Droughtlander suggestions: Check out Paper Girls on Prime Video

Paper Girls. Image courtesy Anjali Pinto/Prime Video
Paper Girls. Image courtesy Anjali Pinto/Prime Video /

If you’re looking for another show involving time travel to get through Droughtlander, Paper Girls on Prime Video is the show to turn to.

As we enter another week of Droughtlander, we look for more content to get us through it. It’s all about time travel dramas today, and there is one that stands out for many reasons. It’s all about Paper Girls.

Sadly, the series was canceled after one short season. However, it is a show that was based on a graphic novel series, and the story continues in that format. You don’t need to be left wondering what is going on.

What is Paper Girls about?

The series follows four pre-teens who have a paper round. They are pulled forward in time together, and they need to figure out what’s going on and why. They don’t have much time to figure it out, though, as it turns out that a government agency that has outlawed time travel is after them.

So, they need to find their future selves to be able to get to the bottom of the situation. Maybe their future selves can get them back to their own time period. That is if their future selves are even alive, and if their future selves can stay alive when they find them.

Why watch Paper Girls during Droughtlander

This is a coming-of-age story, which I’m sure isn’t for everyone when it comes to Outlander. You want to watch a show that has love and action. However, this coming-of-age tale is full of twists and turns, and there are some great lessons to learn for when it comes to talking to your own pre-teens about their bodies and life in general.

There are also stories of loss and life in general. One of the characters finds out that she dies young, and she turns to others to help prevent that from ever happening. Another finds out that what she’s feeling sexually right now isn’t wrong, and there are options for her in the future.

It’s also a story of survival and friendship. These four characters come from very different walks of life and they have very different interests. Yet, they find ways to bond as they fight to survive what the future has in store.

So yes, it only has one season, but it’s an amazing story to check out. Then you can follow up with the graphic novels to see what happens to the characters next.

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Paper Girls is available to stream on Prime Video.