Outlander: Blood of My Blood is not coming to STARZ in October 2023

Outlander -- Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television
Outlander -- Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television /

Eyes are on when the Outlander prequel series will arrive on STARZ. In some bad news, Outlander: Blood of My Blood isn’t ready yet.

If we’re honest, we knew that Outlander: Blood of My Blood wasn’t going to arrive in October of this year. It’s not going to arrive in 2023 at all. Even without the strike action still going on, it probably wouldn’t arrive yet.

So, when can we expect the series to arrive on STARZ? Will it end up being something that is canceled? Let’s take a look at what’s going on.

When will Outlander: Blood of My Blood premiere?

The series did get stuck in the middle of the strike action. It was the WGA strike that affected this one rather than the SAG-AFTRA strike. There is some good news in this. The WGA strike may be coming to an end this week, which will mean the writers will be able to get back into the room.

Then it all comes down to whether the production is going to allow actors to keep standing with the SAG-AFTRA strike in solidarity. There’s no guarantee of this. Once scripts are ready and writers are allowed back to work, anything that isn’t a SAG-AFTRA production could get back to filming. That includes the Outlander prequel. It also includes Outlander Season 8.

So, when could we expect it? We’re looking at late 2024 at the earliest, I would predict. That’s not a guarantee, though, and we could have to wait until 2025. It all depends on how long production takes as there have been no signs that production even got started before the WGA strike. There were only signs that it was potentially starting up production.

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