Is Outlander: Blood of My Blood affected by the strike action?

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As Outlander comes to an end, we’ll have a prequel series to tide us over. What’s going on with Outlander: Blood of My Blood? Is it another series affected by the strike action?

All our eyes are on what’s to come next in the world of Outlander. We’re still waiting for the second half of Season 7, and we know that there will be an eighth and final season. We also know that there will be a spin-off prequel series.

Outlander: Blood of My Blood is set before Claire and Jamie met. In fact, it’s before Jamie was even born. This is a series about Jamie’s parents, Brian and Ellen. We know the stories that Jamie has told, but it’s time to see how their love story worked out, and how Ellen’s father, Red Jacob, really reacted.

How the strike affects Outlander: Blood of My Blood

A lot of production has shut down. It’s all due to the current strike action in the industry. The WGA and SAG-AFTRA are both on strike.

Now, Outlander isn’t a SAG show. This is pointed out every single time the SAG nominations are mentioned to point out that the show has not been snubbed. The SAG-AFTRA strike isn’t affecting the series.

What is affecting Outlander and Outlander: Blood of My Blood is the WGA strike. The writers of the shows are American and part of the WGA. They can’t work on productions at all. Even if there are scripts ready, a lot of productions that weren’t SAG-AFTRA ones went on hold. The writers aren’t allowed to make rewrites to the episodes, there are a lot of restrictions around ad-libbing, and we don’t want scabs on set.

So, yes, there is a delay to the prequel series. And this strike isn’t set to come to an end any time soon. We can thank the streamers for that.

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