Is Outlander: Blood of My Blood still happening at STARZ?

Outlander -- Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television
Outlander -- Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television /

With the strike action still going on in the industry, there are questions about whether shows are still happening. What about Outlander: Blood of My Blood?

The current strike action in Hollywood has delayed a lot of production. Outlander Season 8 has been delayed due to the WGA strike action. The same applies to Outlander: Blood of My Blood, the prequel series about Jamie’s parents. What does this mean for the future of the prequel?

We have seen Amazon revoke the renewals of two shows due to the strike action. The Peripheral and A League of Their Own now won’t get their second seasons. Will other streaming networks follow suit?

Will Outlander: Blood of My Blood be canceled by STARZ?

There are a few factors that go into decisions when there are delays. The first is what sort of delay is going to happen. If the WGA strikes a deal soon, Outlander: Blood of My Blood won’t be as delayed as some other shows. It’s not a SAG-AFTRA show, so it won’t be delayed due to the actor strike.

At the same time, pre-production had already likely started. There were some leaked photos online showing where the Blood of My Blood staff could go at the studios in Cumbernauld, Scotland. It looked like things for the prequel were going to happen at the same time as Season 8. It’s also possible that some of the scripts were already written.

Then there’s the fact that the Outlander universe is one of the biggest on STARZ. There are shows that are much more of a risk, so if STARZ was worried about delays, those would be the first shows to be canceled.

We also have the benefit of release plans. While Amazon planned for 2024 for The Peripheral and A League of Their Own, it’s possible that STARZ plans for 2025 and beyond for Outlander: Blood of My Blood. After all, Season 7B is planned for 2024, and that plan isn’t going to change. This gives the series time to get back to work without too much of a delay issue for the planned schedule.

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