What is Little Bird about?

Little Bird -- Courtesy of PBS
Little Bird -- Courtesy of PBS /

Little Bird is a Canadian miniseries heading to PBS in October. It’s certainly worth checking out, but what exactly is the series about?

Canadian TV is not something to miss out on. Fortunately, the U.S. networks are starting to agree. PBS is bringing an important limited series to the United States, and it’s something not to miss out on.

Outlander has mentioned some of the things to come for the Native Americans in the story. It’s not going to go into everything. After all, that isn’t a story about the Native Americans and the horrors they faced over the centuries. Nor is it going to touch on many of the atrocities that happened after the events of the Revolutionary War and beyond.

Little Bird takes a look at a Canadian Indigenous story. You’ll want to get ready to watch it.

What is Little Bird about?

The Canadian series follows Bezhig Little Bird, who was removed from her home in Long Pine Reserve, Saskatchewan to live with a Montreal Jewish family. She was just five at the time, with Esther Roseblum the woman she would call “Mom.”

In her 20s, Bezhig wants to get back what she has lost. She wants to reclaim the family that was taken from her, and she is willing to sacrifice everything to get to that. It’s a heartbreaking story so many Indigenous people have lived through.

While she tracks down her siblings across the Canadian Prairies, she learns more and more about her adoption and the racist government policy that we now know as the Sixties Scoop.

So many horrors have been told over recent years, especially as more and more bodies of children are found at the grounds of former Residential Schools. It’s a sickening tale, but don’t let that stop you from watching Little Bird. It’s a story that needs to be told.

After all, this is more than just taking someone away from their family. It’s taking a child from her people, her identity, and her culture. It’s stripping away the identity of what North America as a whole was before colonization, and some of these cultures and identities we will never get back. Others, we’re fighting to preserve.

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Little Bird premieres on PBS on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 9/8c on PBS.